Monday, July 13, 2009

Baseball is over :(....for about two weeks!

Wow! What a crazy two weeks we Carter's have had. We are officially done with Van Buren baseball till next year. :( Dylan's all-star team played this past weekend and we ended up finishing 4th. Those little boys played their hearts out! We had both of the games we lost won, but they came back and beat us in the last inning. It didn't help that in both games we ended up being the visitors. The first game started out slow, but we finally starting hitting and got up 6-2 and kept that lead until the last inning and we just couldn't keep up. Played extremely well though. Our defense was awesome. Since we lost we played Saturday at 9 in the morning(boy, was that hard for me)! We played so good and won that one and we just knew at that point we were going to be playing all day. Our last game we were stomping them 10-2 and knew we had it in the bag, but one inning we just shut down and couldn't get them out. It was not fun and they ended up coming back and beating us. It was horrible, those poor little boys were crying so hard after it was over. At one point, I thought I was going to tear up for them. :( We had a good tournament and glad to see that those boys really were good, just a little younger than the other teams. Next year we will be the ones to beat!

We are so proud of Dylan, he did such a great job at catcher and he got some great hits! He had been pretty down since he had not been hitting and to see that smile again once he started hitting and he knew he could do it was awesome! His coach told us after the game that he loved watching Dylan play ball. He said he hustles so good and that is what he loves to see in a player(wish he would do that at home when I tell him to brush his teeth or take a shower-LOL). That made me feel so good. We had a really good coach that taught them a lot about baseball and it definitely showed!

So for now we are done. We have tryouts for fall ball next Monday, so we should start practicing soon after that. Glad to get a rest though, we have been so busy with baseball I have been dreaming about it! Now hoping to make a trip to McGehee the last weekend in July for our cousin Audra's wedding shower.

Oh yeah, we had to go see a plastic surgeon about Dylan's mouth. We went to see his doctor this past Thursday and he wanted us to see her because he was worried about how bad the scar was going to be. We went to see her today and we have to go back in two weeks. She wants to see him once it has completely healed. :( They are really worried about how bad the scar is going to be and if it turns out to be a thick scar they might end up having to do reconstructive surgery on it. Yeah, I know that cut didn't look that bad..but because of where it is the doctor is concerned. We won't know anything about doing surgery till a year from now, so say a prayer for us that we won't have to go through any of that. Right now we are just focusing on how to keep the scaring down and we will be going back to see her through out the year... you never know I might just have to go get Botox while he is in there!!! LOL-that was a BIG joke!!!!! :) I'll keep everyone posted on him and his progress.

As soon as I have some info on our fall ball schedule I'll let everyone know. I know that we will be playing on Saturdays, so if you didn't get to watch them play throughout the summer hopefully you might make a game or two this fall..we play up through the end of October. I know that both boys would be so excited if you guys came and watched them play and they are both really good. Talk to you guys soon!! Love you all.

Van Buren 7 yr old all-star team...look out next year they will be AWESOME!!!!

What a cute little catcher(it was so hot, I felt so sorry for him in all that gear)

He didn't want his picture taken, but had to get him with the black under his eyes

Can you tell he's not liking having his pic taken?

Had to stick this in there because it's so darn cute
this was at the beginning of Dylan's regular season..notice we have on jackets!

Finally hitting!!!

Being introduced before the game

The whole team, Dylan is in the blue helmet.

He was getting his catcher gear on

My other all-star with his blue gatorade mouth

He could throw that helmet off when he had to!

Hustle boy!!!

See that ball in there, not too many got past him!

Another one, you can see the ball in there!

Ready to get that ball!