Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dylan's birthday

Ok, I know I am late...REALLY late blogging about Dylan's birthday party. It was over a month ago..please forgive me!!!! We've just been busy and I haven't really had time. So anyway, we had a great weekend of birthday parties. We started with his first party at the grandparents house..they were going on vacation so we had a "special" party just for them. He got a new fishing pole and some new clothes and we had a pretty awesome cake with his picture on it...he was pretty excited about that. Friday was his big party with all his friends. We rented a water slide and had a cookout and a sleepover. Yes, I know...waterslide and sleepover...I am definitely insane!!!! It turned out to be the best birthdays so far for him. He had a blast! Me, on the other hand....I was a little stressed to say the least. I can't remember how many times Drew went over the side of the waterslide and I thought he had broke his neck and the last two kids to go to sleep was at 2:00 and they were up at 8:00! It was alot of fun though, I'm so glad we decided to do it and glad that my mom talked me into having the sleepover....even though she went to bed and left me with 9 little boys who make really funny noises with their armpits(some of them I think were the real thing, though) and yes, I used to do that too...we all did! :) I enjoyed watching those boys goof off all night and just enjoy all being together. I know Dylan was so happy that all his friends got to come! He got alot of good gifts, but I think just the fact that his friends were there were priceless. Here are a few pictures from his two birthday you can see we all had a blast!

Dylan with his cake at Dede and papaw's so cute and she had
it decorated so cute in there..she had everything color coordinated. He loved it!

Getting his birthday licks! :)

His 2nd cake..did I mention it was Razorback and baseball theme?

Him and some of his friends

Dylan sliding on the waterslide

Drew coming down the was huge...he came down one time and didn't stop
and flipped over the top! Scared me to death!

All the boys ready for bed..watching the Sandlot and nowhere near going
to sleep..this was only about 9:30! Long night ahead!

This thing barely fit in my yard..I really thought it was going to hit
that tree!

Me and my Keifers..aka Uncle Keith! :) They came down from Pea Ridge
and Dylan was so excited that his cousin Landon got to come! They are
bosom buddies.