Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cutest pet contest

A couple of weeks ago before Dylan got out of school for summer break, they had a cutest pet contest and had an animal parade. They voted at the school for a couple of weeks by putting their change into the student's can whose dog they thought was the cutest and Dylan and Sammy got 2nd place! The money raised went to a charity for guide dogs which we thought was really great. Anyway, since they won they were able to walk 2nd in the pet parade at the school. It was so much fun and Dylan was so proud of his dog. Everyone thought he was the cutest dog!!! Towards the end I think Sammy had had enough and didn't want to walk anymore because Dylan had to drag him. It was so cute because he would just sit there and Dylan would be tugging on his leash and it was like Sammy was saying "No way I'm not going any further."

I think finally we have found a dog that totally suits us. He is doing really, really good. He does really good about going to the bathroom outside. I think we've maybe had three accidents in the house so that is really good. He's just such a sweet dog and loves the boys too! We had a little scare with him last week, Drew was outside playing baseball (of course) and he didn't see Sammy behind him and hit him with the bat. It was really scary because I wasn't out there and didn't know what exactly happened and didn't know how hard he hit him. We took him to the vet and he had a concussion and was out of for a couple of days, but he is back to himself now. Hopefully that won't happen again.

I don't know if anyone noticed, but we changed his name to Sammy from Gizmo!!!

So here are a few pictures from the pet parade I thought you guys would enjoy!

Sammy was so excited to see Dylan!

And they were off on the parade.

Sammy was dragging a little

This is when he was done walking.

They made it to the end and Sammy was exhausted.
On a sad note, Chris' brother had a very close friend of his die last night from brain cancer. She was only 32. She had had breast cancer a few years ago and beat it then it came back into her breast and her bones last year. She started having really bad headaches around the end of last year and finally in January(I think) they discovered it had moved into her brain and they gave her 6 months to a year to live. Anyway, it's a really sad story because she has 3 small children I think the youngest is under 4. She was a single mother and I don't think the father of her children has anything to do with them so we aren't sure where the kids are going to go. So please pray for her family right now. I know they knew this was coming, but not sure they knew it would happen so fast. Pray for Burl, Chris brother too. They dated for about 2 years and I think he's having a very hard time with this right now and pray for her children that they will be taken care of. My heart is broken right now for him and her. I just really have no words, how hard it must be to know that you have fought cancer so hard and put yourself through so much for it to come back and take your life. I'm just so sad right now, she was a very sweet person who always seemed so upbeat even when her hair was falling out from her chemo. So please just lift them up in your prayers. Thanks everyone and love you all very much!!

Ball season still going strong

Ok, I haven't updated in a couple of weeks so I'm sorry, but we have been super busy with everything going on. The boys have finally been able to play ball considering last month was a gulley washer and we were pretty much rained out the whole month! Dylan's team is finally starting to show some improvement. They are all starting to hit and we have won some games. We played 3 games last Saturday and won all three. We started at 10 in the morning and finally finished around 7 that night. It was alot of fun, but we were all worn out. Dylan did really good, he is playing very good at 1st base. He's getting better at batting, I think his nerves get the best of him sometimes. He struck out a couple of times that weekend, but the last game we were down by 5 or 6 runs and when Dylan got up to bat we had two outs! He got an awesome hit and started us off and after him everyone hit the ball and we came back and won! It was so much fun, we were all jumping up and down and yelling. Now that is what I call playing baseball, so exciting!!!! He's played three times this week and we've won one, which was tonight. He got 6 outs at 1st base, alot of the hits came to him and he did a great job of not letting them get by him. We are so proud of him and the baseball player he is becoming. He is learning the game and really enjoying it. I'm not ready for it to be over, I could play all year long!!

Now onto Drew, for the few games that he has played he is going to be one awesome ball player. He's finally starting to figure it out and starting to not run across the whole field every time he gets the ball. He usually plays 2nd base, but the few times he's played pitcher he has really done a good job. He's caught a pop fly and one game he got all 3 outs on his own and of course every time he bats he gets really good hits. I swear he swings his bat in his sleep! He's always walking around swinging his "bat" or throwing the "ball". He's so funny and I hope he sticks with baseball because I know he will be a very good baseball player. It's just really tough when him and Dylan have games at the same time..we've had that happen last Saturday and today. I hate missing either one of their games. Drew did make me feel better today when he told me that he wanted me to come to his game tonight because I cheer for him and his daddy just sits there. That made me feel really good because he always wants to be with his daddy and to know my cheering(yelling as I call it) makes him feel good. He always makes sure I'm watching when he bats or when he comes across the plate. He's so cute!!!

Anyway, that is what's been going on with baseball the past couple of weeks, we have been busy, busy with it. It is so much fun though!!! I love to see my kids succeed at stuff and the smile on their face when they know they are doing good. It melts my heart!!!

Go Dylan!! We are so proud of you!!

Getting ready to steal 2nd!

Drew mid-air!

He looks a little bored there. Not good-ha!

Still looking bored. I think coach made me tell him to turn his hat around.

Drew stylin' with his hat on backwards!!