Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day and More Games!

Hello everyone, it's been a while-LOL!!! I know I'm obsessed with blogging, but there is a lot going on in the Carter household. I had a great Mother's Day weekend. Not anything excited, but I did get breakfast in bed before church and then we went out to eat with his mom and dad. The boys decided(on their own) that they wanted to make me a cake and their own special cards. I thought it was the sweetest thing that they came up with that on their own. Dylan wanted to fix me dinner, but we decided to go out to eat instead. It was a very relaxing, enjoyable Mother's Day. I couldn't have asked for anything else.

Monday, both the boys had games so it was very challenging for me because I had to miss part of Dylan's game to get Drew to his game. I'm very proud of Dylan, yet a little irritated at our team and Dylan's position on the team. He is the next to the last batter on the team and since NONE of the kids got a hit or one got a hit, but got out on 1st, etc. Dylan never got to bat. I was really put out because it has been like this all season and when he gets up to bat he has been one of a couple who has gotten a few hits, one that has gone all the way to the fence I might add. You would think the coach would rearrange the lineup, but that hasn't been the case. Dylan has proven to them that he can hit and can play the field. He's been doing really, really good at 1st base, he's gotten outs that were underthrown to him where he has had to go scoop up the ball and run back to the base. He's caught balls over his head, etc. I would say he's one of the BEST players on the team, yet they still don't utilize him the way they should(and i'm not bias at all). :) He was really upset that he didn't get to hit, so much so that he started crying and when Chris said something to one of the coaches he just rolled his eyes and walked off. I guess it's ok, since his kid gets to bat, yet strikes out everytime. I guess he's not happy, since Dylan took the 1st base position away from him son! Ok, so enough of venting about that, I just had to get that off my chest. I don't think it's fair to him since he's been one of the only ones that can hit, yet they still want move him up in the lineup and I'm his mom so I am a little bias to that.

He did end up getting the MVP of the game, even though he didn't get to bat so that should say something!!! We are so proud of him for that, this is the 2nd time he's been recognized by the coach after the game. Yeah, I know what you're thinking right??? LOL! Hoping and praying things will change or this is going to be a long season, especially when we only get three bats at a time because they all strike out.

Drew played right after Dylan and he's the FIRST batter-whoo hoo!!! He did really good, he got two hits and made it to base both times and one time made it home. The 2nd hit they got the 3rd out on his hit so he was upset that he didn't get to run the bases. :) We lost that game too, so it was a day for losses, but it was ok he had fun. Drew is so funny out on the field. He dances around the whole time, so much so that i have to yell at him to be still. I asked him if I needed to clean out his pants since he has ants in his pants and once again he pouted because he didn't get to bat again. He is my child!!!

So that is about it for this week, we've already been rained out once this week. I guess we should be used to that by now. It's almost halfway through May and we've hardly played. :( Hopefully it will let up soon and we can get into a rhythm especially with Dylan's team. Drew has a game tonight so wish us luck that hopefully we will win!!!

Sorry for the long post, I am just a little irritated. I know I shouldn't be since it was our fault that he didn't get to try out and was put on this team at the last minute, but i don't think it should be based on that and they should start moving around the "favorites" if they are not the best batters. :) Just my opinion though, I'm not the coach. I'm gonna keep my head up and hopefully Dylan will to.

Love you all!

Me and Chris on our date

My cake..they did so good!!

Dylan with the game ball! MVP!!

Drew with ants in his pants. :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Drew's First Baseball Game

Well, we finally had Drew's first t-ball game after two weeks of rain outs! He did so good, he was a little nervous at first but I think he finally shook his nerves and calmed down. He is the first batter and he got a base hit. He played 2nd base through most of the game, except the last inning when the coach put him at pitcher. I think he might have done that to give the other team a chance because the kid that plays pitcher is a very good player, but Drew proved him wrong and got all 3 outs! He did really good except when he pouted when he didn't get to hit again.(Chris says he gets that from me, that he can't ever be happy. I say whatever!)

He is starting to calm down while playing, he had been running to wherever the ball was hit and fighting the other kids for it, but he didn't do that as much at his first game. He needs to learn to be still while out there, but it's cute to watch him out there "playing" on the field.

This is going to be a crazy summer since we will probably spend everyday at the ballfields, including Wednesdays. Who would have thought that church league would have games on Wednesdays, but they do. Weird, huh? Anyway, we are excited about watching him play for the first time even if that means flying from one field to the next, him and Dylan have a few games on the same day within an hour of each other, but I know it will be a blast! I will keep everyone updated on both their games and hopefully we won't have anymore rainouts!!! TIME TO PLAY BALL!!!! :)

Drew playing pitcher

Getting ready to bat.

"Playing in the field"

I think this was his first bat and I could tell he was really nervous

Go Drew Drew!!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Just had to share!!!

This past weekend we went to Pea Ridge for our cousin Kennedy's 5th birthday party. We had so much fun and we got to spend a little time with mamaw and Aunt Karen and Uncle Pat. I just had to share some pictures. Dad these are for you. My mamaw is 81 years old and you wouldn't know it! She was playing basketball with the kids and having so much fun. I wish my papaw could have been alive to see it! I'm glad we got to spend time with them, even though it was only for a couple of hours.

We stayed the night with Keith and Jenn and just the adults went to a crawfish boil in Fayetteville that was sooo much fun, the best crawfish I've had and gumbo too(the free drinks weren't too bad either). :)

We always enjoy going to church with them, I got to see a couple of old friends from college that I haven't seen in years and I love their preacher(he's also from Harding and his wife was a good friend of Shell's). He always has a really good sermon and it's very laid back. Too bad it was raining because we were suppose to go to the Naturals game and watch Landon be their bat boy for the game, but it ended up getting rained out. Anyway, here are a couple of pictures. I didn't take too many, but Aunt Karen and Keith did so hopefully I will have some more soon. Enjoy!!! Love all of you! :)

Me and the birthday girl
Mamaw shooting some hoops!

Go wouldn't know she's 81
I think she might have made a couple of shots.